About Ixchel Vision

Ixchel is the Mayan goddess of the moon. I believe in the stars and the power of energy from the universe and I wanted to incorporate my Mayan Ancestry in my business. I appreciate my heritage and wanted to enlighten my business ventures with her name and using her image as my logo. As of now I’m open to different projects. I’m allowing the universe to bring me clients and visions of projects that can benefit the world. In the future I plan to open my doors to people that want to learn from me as I continue my journey in the television and film industry.


As a video production company I want to offer my clients a world of creativity. I want to be able to bring their visions to life and represent each brand in a unique manner. Each project will be treated differently in a creative flow environment as we create media to impact the world positively.


To provide a space where we can unify to tell our stories and share our passions. To educate each other on history, practices, cultures and ways of  expressions that will help us grow to become a better version of ourselves.

Video maker listening music at headphones editing movie using post production software working in creative agency office. Videographer processing audio film montage on computer in multimedia company


A full-service video production company and communications team complete with talented writers, videographers, and editors.